Berlin-based designer Uli Budde translates his soft-spoken personality into his latest endeavor for Spanish lighting company Marset. He likes his creations to speak gently and quietly, injecting a bit of himself into his work. Emerging from the picturesque morning dawn, his globe-shaped pendant plays with diffusion and translucence, materialising the scenery into something tangible yet delicate – as he advocates a non-intrusive aesthetic.

The mouth-blown glass has been sand-blasted with a gradient, creating a matte finish with the effect of transition. At the bottom side of the lamp, the translucent surface gradually becomes shiny and transparent. Instead of centralising the light source, he lowered the point of illumination – letting the bulb sit perfectly within the natural curvature of the light’s base. With this decision, Budde accentuates the qualities of the glass blowing and sand-blasting process – leaving the bulb in a soft haze.