At premium co-working space Headway in Moscow, DA Bureau juxtaposes austere, concentration-oriented workspaces with rich, nonlinear public areas.

Key features

Since co-working spaces often have more fluctuating workforces than standard company HQs, how can their design quickly signal which spots are best for socializing and where to quiet down? DA Bureau’s answer was to divide Headway in Moscow into two discrete zones: a simple, stripped back working area complete with acoustic materials, and a public space whose dynamic angles and playful mix of materials suggest it’s fitting for more playful and dynamic encounters, too.

Frame’s take

After seeing so many co-working spaces that focus on brightness and openness, it’s refreshing to see a darker take on the typology. Even though there’s still a lot of white throughout, black ceilings make the interior feel more intimate. What could have been a sterile result is invigorated by a pleasing mixed palette of terrazzo, wood and stainless steel.

Location Москва Пресненская Набережная 12 Башня Федерация (Восток), 35, пом. №3, Moscow, Russia, 123112