COLOGNE – Join MVRDV partner Wenchian Shi to learn about the transparent future of cooking at Frame’s KitchenLab exhibition during IMM LivingKitchen. Shi will discuss the topic in relation to the studio’s transparant kitchen, which is designed to challenge what the designers describe as an ‘immense yet generic industry’.

Originally launched at Venice Biennale, Infinity Kitchen aims to improve cuisine by making the processes that occur within it quite literally transparent. Designed by MVRDV using materials by PyraSied, the project addresses everything from what foods we choose to how much we have hidden away – and, perhaps more importantly in this day and age, how much waste we’re creating. Infinity Kitchen suggests that we shouldn’t conceal the inherent colours of fresh food behind layers of material. In the cupboards and on the shelves of the project, a rainbow of natural produce becomes the colour palette.

The designers see the project as part of a wider movement towards transparent – and therefore accessible – environments. ‘Imagine if not only our kitchens were accessible but the walls through to the neighbour, and even the next neighbour,’ says MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas. ‘This would create infinite perspectives in our cities. Within our claustrophobic environments, it would possibly allow a view towards the mountains or sea.’ The studio has already explored its vision in such projects as Crystal Houses.

Wenchian Shi will discuss MVRDV’s Infinity Kitchen at Frame’s KitchenLab on 18 January at 15:00 (stand A-028 Hall 05.2) at IMM LivingKitchen.