Salominka is the Belarussian word for ‘piece of straw’. It’s also the name of a furniture collection that represents Vera Panichewskaja’s search for her creative identity, in which she reconciled her Belarussian heritage with her Swedish upbringing. To do this, she infused the craft of Russian straw marquetry with the characteristics of Swedish woodwork. Although Panichewskaja replaced comfort and cosiness with hard surfaces, she retained a traditional Belarussian emphasis on decoration by adding enigmatic blobs and swirls of colour. After cutting, sanding and dyeing pieces of birch-veneered MDF, she was left with a material that ‘lets the birch shine through without compromising the brightness and vividness of chromatic nuances’. The finishing touch, she says, ‘is a hard wax oil that gives the birch and the coloured shapes and patterns a holographic look – similar to the surface of straw-inlay pieces.’

Photos Lina Forsgren

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