SEOUL – A unique structure in a suburb of Seoul, Korea, might resemble a museum or gallery – but beneath the luxurious façade rests an unconventionally chic parking garage.

‘The goal of this project was to increase the value of land and building with low budget by breaking the stereotype of typical parking building,’ says architect JeongHoon Lee of JOHO Architecture. He adds that parking lots are often injected into commercial areas without much thought of design or surroundings. However, a stronger architectural stance was necessary to increase property value for nearby commercial facilities.

The resulting 853-sq-m structure is covered with five layers of over 635 polycarbonate panels and 930 stainless steel pieces. Each vary in length up to 12m long, spaced a few centimetres apart. The façade was coated in a violet hue plus special surface coating that makes it look like reflective glass. This skin colour changes throughout the day, as it reflects sunlight in different ways.

Herma Parking Building
1190 Bo jeong-dong
Kiheung-gu, Yong In
Gyong gi-Do, Korea