HOLMENKOLLEN – While plunging head first – on skis – down a 58m-high ramp might not seem appealing, in Norway it’s a regular occurrence. 

Holmenkollen, about 10km north-west of Oslo, had been home to many legendary ski jumping competitions. But in 2005 it was denied hosting a major tournament when the International Ski Federation declared its jump was too small. In 2007, the municipality of Oslo opened an international competition to destruct the town's old jump and build a new one.

Amongst the 103 entries, Copenhagen-based JDS won the bid. Instead of separating the various functions, the architects opted to ‘unify the various amenities into one holistic design.’ This includes the judges’ booths, lobby, wind screens, viewing platform, souvenir shop, lounge, coaches and spectators’ areas and area itself.

‘The ski jump is clad with a mesh of stainless steel and rises 58m in the air,’ says architect Julien de Smedt. ‘Its 69m cantilever makes it the longest of its kind. On the first day of jumping tests, the record of the longest jump made at Holmenkollen was broken.’

Photos courtesy of Hufton+Crow