To celebrate the renovations to the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art (MAMAC) in Nice, Gilbert Perlein, Chief Curator and Director of the MAMAC, invited contemporary artist Arne Quinze to make a public art intervention. Quinze created a wooden sculpture, titled 'Hommage à Alexander Calder', which was inaugurated on 19 April and can be visited until 27 October.

Evoking communication and social interaction is Quinze’s biggest artistic driving force. This large-scale construction aims to evoke a dialogue between the museum’s architecture, the city and its public. Composed of natural wood planks in orange and white, the installation is over 70 metres long and 12 metres high. The organic character of the sculpture evokes feelings of smallness compared to the grandness of nature. Despite man’s desire to control it, nature eventually takes over. Ecology is a fundamental concept in the work of the artist, who invites the viewer to adopt a humble attitude towards nature. He makes a point of only using PEFC-certified wood, guaranteeing sustainable forest management.

Earlier this year, we published a book on two of Quinze’s previous art installations: My Secret Garden and Rock Strangers. Read more about it here.

All photos courtesy of Arne Quinze.