British industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson has teamed with Daniah label &tradition to launch a new table at Stockholm Design Week.

The HOOF lounge table is made of solid oak with a brushed surface, available in various sizes. As its name indicates, each table’s legs are sharpened at their feet with pointed ends, like how a horse’s hoof is trimmed before being shod.

Wilkinson says this detail means that once in use, the tables’ leg ends won’t have painted scratched or chipped when being knocked by peoples’ feet.

‘The foot detail is created by reversing the usual production process,’ Wilkinson says. ‘Most furniture details – which have a painted section and a natural part – are assembled, masked off and then painted. HOOF is painted first, then cut back.’

HOOF will be available for sale as of 1 May.

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair
125 80 Stockholm