Suprematism, an art movement founded by Kazimir Malevich, seeks to express not form but ‘pure sensation’. For Russian studio Monoloko Design, Suprematism was an untapped visual language with qualities translatable to spatial design.

The 20th-century movement espouses the creation of art that is transcendental. In lieu of strict representation, Malevich takes the view that art should be expressive and create an experience. Where Malevich engages the relationship between geometrical forms and the texture of paint and canvas, Monoloko Design disassociates the environment and the medium from genre-based spatial expectations.

The surfaces of the Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop are flooded in a rich azure blue, paired with birch plywood seating platforms. The curves and irregular twists of the loosely formed fluorescent tube lighting that floats over the highly polished dark-grey marble bar introduce a sense of dynamism to the space. A charming detail linking the spatial design to Malevich’s Black Square can be found in the black light switches and sockets that pop from the enveloping blue. The Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop becomes a transitionary space that alters perception through the use of colour and form.