The Spacecraft-designed interiors of Bangkok American-style doughnut shop UFO Doughnuts establish a notable yet subtle brand identity based on its signature sweet treats.

Key features

With doughnuts described by its founders as ‘out of this world’, UFO Doughnut’s space aptly reflects an extraterrestrial aesthetic. The two-storey, 100-sq-m artisanal doughnut shop draws inspiration from UFOs, hence its name. Bubblegum pink streaks run the length of the ceiling, mimicking the contrails of a spaceship in motion. Meanwhile, an ultramarine blue staircase resembles a tunnel through Space. On the first floor, a service counter and doughnut display area are first in view, with a terrazzo-clad countertop in UFO Doughnut’s branded blue tone. The service area accommodates both takeaway and sit-down customers, emphasizing the transaction aspect of the experience.

After getting a doughnut, customers are transported on a journey through the tunnel-like staircase to a dynamic seating landscape upstairs. Continuous LED lighting spans the walls and ceilings, creating a tunnel-like effect. At the destination, seating areas are distinguished by colour and form. A grey box houses benches for a more secluded dining space while a mix of metal chairs and tables – as well as peach pink chairs and a blue table – occupy the remaining seating area. An open balcony overlooks the doughnut display, securing a connection between the two functionally distinct spaces. 

Frame’s take

UFO Doughnut’s first space strongly communicates the brand’s playful identity. Starting from the so-called otherworldly quality of the doughnuts – also conveniently shaped like UFOs – the doughnut shop was able to establish a compelling, cohesive identity directly derived from its signature product. This story translates into the interior by references to UFOs and Space throughout. Through each part of the store, a different part of the story is told, allowing guests to have an experience that extends far beyond their enjoyment of the sweet treats. The fun yet thoroughly established environment creates a simultaneously pronounced yet subtly branded environment for UFO Doughnuts.