It’s been two years since JAMESPLUMB won accolades – and some awards – for its Shoreditch store Hostem.

Now, designers James Russell and Hannah Plumb have added a basement extension to the original premises, using the same approach: repurposing antique and retro elements to create a contemporary take on nostalgia.

'The idea of the Chalk Room is to showcase Hostem’s most cherished designers within a unique setting,' Plumb says. 'We wanted to create one-off assemblage to house the products so that the focus is on how the designs are curated, and highlighting the craft and skill of the designers.'

Piles of antique suitcases, a Victorian wardrobe reconfigured to be dramatically askew, and even a Wurlitzer organ achieve the requisite sense of traditional craft. The shop's centrepiece is a transformed 19th-century Chesterfield, extended by oversized church pews, resplendent beneath a cluster of Victorian glass pendant lights.

Even the name Chalk Room is inspired by the past – in this case, Hannah Plumb’s grandfather, who was head tailor at Gieves & Hawkes and whose box of tailor's chalk she keeps to this day. Discreetly referencing this are walls treated with a matte, chalky finish, while flooring is deliberately scuffed.

Photos courtesy Thomas Giddings.