Fresh from Ghent, a unique hotel room by Japanese artist Tazu Rous has been constructed atop scaffolding about 23m above ground, around the clock tower of Gent Sint-Pieters Station.

The intervention is the latest in a series by Rous (also known as Tatzu Nishi, Tazro Niscino, Tatzu Oozu or Tatsurou Bashi), which seeks to transform familiar monuments of public space by wrapping them in banal interiors.

The huge clock face of Sint-Pieters, which can normally be seen only from the street below, is now adjacent to the bed in what is otherwise a comfortable but nondescript hotel room costing only €105 per night.

Unfortunately the room – which is part of the city’s Track art event – was fully booked within minutes of opening, but visitors can still see it between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily.

This is Rous’ second foray in Ghent, following his 2005 construction of a bedroom around the bronze sculpture of Christ on Sint Anna Square. Later this year, he is set to build a living room around New York’s statue of Christoper Columbus.

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