TOCHIGI – Tucked away down a dead-end street in a quiet residential area of Tochigi, Japan, Hiroyuki Shinozaki carried out the design of a house featuring large combined spaces and providing high versatility in use.

Accommodating a family of three, the project was developed by the Tokyo-based architect in an extroverted spirit as it opens up to the neighbouring gardens and thus fosters daily social interactions.

The modest residence’s open-plan layout is divided, following a radial arrangement, by load-bearing stone walls. It creates inhabitable naves of different dimensions which encircle a spacious central communal space. The house’s slightly-deformed polygonal plan, along with its slanted roof lines, allow for a dynamic perception of space.

Regardless of the eccentricity of its layout, the House I has undeniable experimental qualities which successfully address alternative domestic environments.

Photos Fumihiko Ikemoto