For 65 years, family-run Spanish furniture brand Andreu World has defined itself through a well-considered collaboration between craft and technology, the natural with the man-made. 

In order to explore its native region's man-made creative culture in the context of the natural world, the brand recently commissioned an artful colour study from Giulio Ridolfo. Entitled Stories 4: Mediterraneanism in Color, it represents Ridolfo's deep dive into the emotional qualities of Andreu World finishes and materials. But Ridolfo's exploration of Mediterraneanism has also come full circle back to the product, to inform the finishes of the brand's latest outdoor versions of its Nuez, Aire, Costa and Ronda seating, as well as the tables, Sand and Wind.

Andreu World's new outdoor models of the Ronda chair – which will be part of the Spanish Pavillion of Expo 2020 – and the Wind dining table are made with 100 per cent FSC® teak wood with the chain of custody from the tree to the final product.

The Mediterranean is widely seen as an Arcadia, an ideal of the idyll, a place of great cultural, personal and environmental well-being. Life can be lived outdoors for a larger portion of the year, often near the sea, on terraces and decks that are the well-trafficked extensions of homes, restaurants and hotels. In the new collections that will begin to populate these littoral zones between indoor and out, Ridolfo's colour studies come into play with the earth tones of Nuez Outdoor, the maritime white, blue, red and green of Aire Outdoor, the sandy neutrals of Ronda Outdoor, and the sleekly authentic look of the new outdoor versions of both the Wind table, and the Sand table, in teak. 

Patricia Urquiola designed the Nuez chair series by modelling its shell with a simple sheet of paper. Nuez combines technology, innovation and sustainability, featuring an injected thermopolymer seat and backrest that ripple with folds that recall a cosy quilted fabric. The technology used to mould the texture actually makes the seat feel both more organic and more comfortable to use and touch. In sun-warmed shades that darken from sand to terracotta and with a metal sled base or slender, softly bent teak wood legs, the chair's appearance changes entirely between the two models, suiting it to a variety of environments.

The Nuez outdoor features teak legs and sits elegantly around the teak Wind table. The Aire range, including an armchair and chaise lounges, features minimal but sculptural frames, a generously broad seat and comes in a new variety of colors. Meanwhile, the Sand table's teak wood slats give dynamism and a natural look.

Designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, the Aire armchair, lounge chair and chaise lounge take their name from the lightness of their looks. The generously broad seat is set into a frame made from injected aluminium softened with a self-supporting Batyline fabric. Comfortable, robustly weather-resistant, easy to clean and care for, they come in new finish and textile colors that include dark basalt, oxide red, dark green and dark blue.  

With a backrest that billows like a sail on the horizon, the Ronda is redolent of sand, sea and siesta. This hospitable seat is simultaneously clean of line and soft with a metal base that is specially treated to withstand foul weather or fair.

The boldface, graphical look of the Wind dining table is made more elegant, more natural and yet more seaworthy by the use of teak slats to form the tabletop. Likewise, the low Sand coffee table now also benefits from the use of teak, the luxury hardwood of yachting, giving their faces a deep amber glow.

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