The desire for customization and flexibility in products isn’t going anywhere. If anything, those qualities are gaining even greater importance as we become ever more able to personalize and filter many aspects of our daily lives, from what we watch on television to what content we read online.

The latest ‘constellations’ from Bomma play to this tendency. Known for its mouth-blown luminaires, the Czech lighting manufacturer has developed a concept that enables designers to arrange smaller lighting elements in impressive groups. While each single pendant can stand alone, the effect is amplified en masse.

Header and top: deForm's Lens | Middle and bottom: Dechem Studio's Dark and Bright Stars

The three crystal lighting collections in the Bomma Constellation series can be combined, customized and blended according to specific needs and visions. ‘As a progressive glass manufacturer,’ says creative director Václav Mlynář, ‘we are able to produce customized crystal components based on your design and transform them into your final Bomma Constellation. We also ensure hands-on support from your first sketches to our final production.’

Three different Czech designers have contributed their expertise to the series. True to its name, Lens by deForm is based on a pair of lenses that produce hypnotic reflections. The product is not only customizable in terms of compositions but, since the colour is hand-painted onto the luminaire, any hue is possible for the finish.

Ota Svoboda's Soap Mini

Dark and Bright Stars by Dechem Studio mimics a twinkling night sky, while Ota Svoboda’s Soap Mini was inspired by the varying shades, transparency and shapes of soap bubbles. Each piece is hand-blown without a mould, making the results unique in shape and colour. The opportunity to implement made-to-order, bespoke components within each constellation contributes an unparalled atmosphere to spatial projects.