In each magazine issue, we pose a challenge to designers and creators, asking them to address current affairs with an innovative design solution. Previous Challenges have included Mars Travel/Survival and Design for Ageing.

The theme of the Frame Challenge in the upcoming Jan/Feb issue is Design for the Displaced. Today, climate change, political upheaval, and the quest for better opportunities have driven record numbers of people to leave their countries of birth. As asylum seekers and digital nomads seek comfort and community in foreign lands, the meaning of home has expanded in countless ways.

This shifting global dynamic has evoked a variety of responses, including installations which encode emotions in sensory experiences, the reinvention of traditional crafts, and explorations of cuisine. Frame challenges all creatives, designers, and makers to consider this context and ask, ‘what makes one feel at home?’ More abstractly, how can this intangible sense of belonging be translated into product or spatial design?

To enter the Frame Challenge you do not need to deliver a finished product or design, just a clear and aesthetically interesting visualization. Sketches, renders, and collages are acceptable, as long as they express your idea.

Submissions must include:

• A short description of your concept of approximately 250 words
• At least one high-resolution image

Frame Challenge submissions should be addressed to before 1 December.