Astral Bodies – an immersive installation by the Madrid-based Enorme Studio and multidisciplinary creative team Vitamin –  is almost entirely built from fibracolour MDF boards. Previously exhibited at this year’s Milan Design Week, the work was most recently shown at Valencia Design Week. The project was briefed to the teams by Finsa, a Spanish manufacturer looking to stand out amid other exhibitors.

The project is an example of a manufacturer letting designers’ imaginations take lead, and it illustrates how doing so can result in gaining the attention of a wider audience range. Composed of nine structures, the installation reveals the practical qualities of Finsa’s fibracolour MDF boards in particular, which can be surfaced with melamine or natural veneer and given textural finishes. Each of the ‘astral bodies’ is titled after specific locations in Galician geography at which meteorites are recorded to have landed. Taking advantage of the boards’ customizable qualities meant the creatives were able to aesthetically interpret the geographical features of the nine namesake places.

That’s how the ‘meteorites’ Auria, Baroña, Cervo, Ézaro, Allariz, Herbón, Elviña, Sálvora and Trevinca took shape.  Auria, for example, is built from yellow and black Fibracolour that recalls the city of Ourense’s ancient Roman excavations. Herbón, which takes its name from the municipality of Padrón and its peppers, is a representative talc green and black. And, for Sálvora – christened after the island famous for its beaches and wildlife – the team used Finsa’s Fibracolour in black, finished in the natural veneers Rosewood Mumbai, Ebony Kandy and Cedar Lebanon.

Finsa, Enorme and Vitamin describe Trevinca, which shares its title with the tallest mountain in Galicia, as the focus of the astral world. In Valencia, the structure stood tall with its eight counterparts in a rocky, strategically lit setting, shrouded in a moody, purple glow and set against a starry backdrop.