Listing spare rooms on Airbnb and hailing Ubers to the airport just scratch the surface practices of the sharing economy: the fast-accelerating popularity of the system is transforming the way goods are consumed and the way spaces are used on a large scale. Hair salons are one example – Go Today Shaire Salon, a workspace for freelance hairdressers in Yokohoma, is a direct product of the rise of co-sharing.

This is because, in the fiercely competitive hair-styling industry, going freelance can be daunting for stylists: renting a station from a third-party salon is often expensive, and because of the impermanence of the setup, the work stations remain impersonal. But the salon brand – who Canoma has previously designed a space for in Tokyo –  seeks to challenge this status quo, doing so by offering freelance stylists set-ups designed for durability, privacy and even individuality.

Yokohoma’s Shaire Salon is situated in a Western-style concrete building from the 1920s. Canoma reinforced the building’s roots during the renovation, adding in classical Western detailing such as wainscoting, framed openings, baseboards and mouldings, and utilizing an ample number of glazed tiles. The retrofit, executed with a focus on durability, includes essential functional components, like sound-absorbing ceiling plates and stain-resistant walls.

As in the style of Victorian homes and their highly segmented interiors, the studios are privately partitioned, fritted glass offering some sense of transparency between individual studio and collective salon – undoubtedly a welcome solution for a stylist seeking both autonomy and sense of community.