Monte Carlo is about nothing if not luxury, and at the heart of the city, the Hôtel de Paris is no exception. Regally refined and bejeweled with views, the hotel boasts a 1,000-sq-m terrace that extends its Diamond Suite Princess Grace generously outward, furnished with Italian brand Roda's outdoor tables and seating. 

As its name suggests, the Princess Grace suite does homage to that embodiment of class and elegance, modernity and timelessness that was the Hollywood actress and wife of Prince Rainier, Grace Kelly. The suite reclines across two levels on the seventh and eighth floors, its terrace surveying the Mediterranean Sea and Côte d'Azur in 180 degrees. Affine Design studio, which was responsible for the hospitality project, selected the furniture – Roda's Mistral, Double, Spinnaker and Teka collections – to give the outdoor spaces a feeling of ease and wellbeing as deep as their luxury. 

Monte Carlo's Hôtel de Paris offers guests in the Princess Grace suite a 1,000 sq-m terrace with 180-degree views of the Côte d'Azur and furnished with Italian brand Roda's outdoor seating and tables.

Around the eighth floor swimming pool, Affine ranged Roda's cushy teak Mistral 104 sunloungers. The loungers, designed by Italy's Rodolfo Dordoni, recline into seven positions.

The pool is adjacent to a tranquil living room-like space decorated with Teka coffee tables. Designed by Gordon Guillaumier, Teka represents 'the expressive force' and malleability of teak. Guillaumier’s design assigns a stylistic lightness to what is actually an object of complex workmanship.

Around the Teka sit Roda's timelessly contemporary Double collection sofas and poufs, upon whose luxe forms, aluminium frames confer both strength and lightness. Also designed by Dordoni, Double is a versatile seating system that projects the brand's interior sofas into a 'total outdoor' version that embodies the precepts of interior decor translated to the outdoors.

Affine Design chose elegantly modern pieces from Roda's Mistral, Teka, Double and Spinnaker collections to furnish the terrace.

A convivial area has been decked out with the Spinnaker table which is hemmed with dining chairs. Also created by Guillaumier, the Spinnaker is an extendable dining table made from powder-coated steel cleaned and treated with an electrolytic process of hard iron phosphatization. This is a form of pre-painting that ensures a high resistance to corrosion while removing polluting substances and which is reinforced with a subsequent nanotechnology anticorrosive treatment and an electrostatic powder painting using a polyester base that offers scratch-protection as it gives the product its final layer of color.

Especially in Monte Carlo, living outdoors should feel as plush and elegant as the indoors, while remaining just as practical functionally. It gives new meaning to the phrase 'enduring luxury'.