At Dutch Design Week 2017, the Frame Store will present Objects, a curated selection of products by emerging creatives for DDW visitors and the public to discover new directions in the world of products.

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La Schaise by Stéphanie Marin of Smarin represents what we’re looking for in its re-examination of the chair: its function, form, material, and our relationship with it.

The dynamic seating is the result of Smarin’s collaborative research on therapeutic objects through mechanics. Brightly coloured elastic bands promote a natural but active posture, while allowing freedom of movement.

The La Schaise series leverages ergonomics to stimulate blood circulation and increase tonicity; the dynamic positioning also helps the body to unlearn bad sitting habits.

‘I focused on the feeling of the body,’ says Stéphanie Marin, who founded the French design studio. ‘I tried to eliminate the hardness of the traditional furniture through furniture that follows the body, instead of the other way around.’

Smarin launched La Schaise at the David Hockney retrospective by the Centre Pompidou Boutique last June, where the chairs ‘fit into the Hockney universe’, according to Marin.

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