The genesis of Vola signifies the creation of an ethos where considerate processes and innovative resourcefulness is essential to design. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Vola’s timeless original tap system. In celebration, they have produced a series of short videos that illustrate the many individual stories that make up the whole picture. In keeping with the overarching theme, the fourth installment of the series, titled Life Cycle, uses the circular form of a shower head as its protagonist.

The 060 shower head in stainless steel.

In this chapter, one sees the production process behind the creation of the 060 round shower. The accessory is shown in its original form: a 600 kg cylinder of solid brass or stainless steel. The cylinder is then sliced down, creating 43 discs which go on to be carved into the contemporary shape of the 060. As the title of the video suggests, the story does not end here: the remnants of the sculpting process are sent back to the foundry as shavings to be reshaped into the next solid brass or stainless steel cylinder, so the process begins again. A dedication to honest practices of sustainability is essential to Vola’s design and production processes. At Vola’s inception in 1968, when the company was first collaborating with celebrated Danish designer Arne Jacobson, the focus on quality control and sourcing sustainable materials echoed the ideals of what is now known as sustainable circularity.

As contemporary sustainable practices are becoming more of a marketing strategy than authentic environmental concern, a company like Vola stands out for it's genuine albeit straightforward conviction for circular manufacturing. With 50 years of experience Vola proves that longevity is essential to design.