PIACENZA – Two ravens from an ancient Norse myth served as inspiration for a contemporary sauna that overlooks hills of Piacenza, Italy.

Named Huginn & Munnin after the ravens, the sauna was realized by artist and architect Duilio Forte, who was inspired by the birds that allegedly belonged to the Nordic God Odin.

The legend says that Huginn and Muninn – which mean ‘thought’ and ‘memory’ respectively – were sent every day by Odin to fly around the world, then report back to him what they saw and heard. The theory fits well with the sauna project, which resembles a wooden bird perched atop a hill in northern Italy, looking out into the distance.

As is the case with every sauna AtelierForte has built since 1993, the Huginn & Muninn sauna was entirely handmade and constructed from fir wood. Heated by a wooden stove, it can seat two people who can catch glimpses of the undulating landscape through small portholes in the walls.