Named for its pair of pivoting seats, Jori's Wing is a flexible sofa which changes shape to suit a moment's needs.

Dutch designer Hugo de Ruiter's design for the Wing emerged from his deep-seated desire to craft functional furniture which serves as more than a merely sedentery seat in today's continuously changing lifestyle. Straddling the gap between a straightforward sofa and overly comfortable bed, de Ruiter's curvaceous couch is divided into sections to pivot in a pinch.

Informed by the wings of a bird, a set of cushions swings into four arrangements: completely open, entirely closed or halfway in between. Whether fanned outwards for an elongated configuration – in the lounge, double lounge or corner sofa positions – or joined together to generate an inviting cradle – island position – Wing will fill spacious rooms and odd-shaped niches with style. 

Supporting leather or textile cushions, an external framework of tubular back supports and feet may be expressed in either beech wood or chrome to accommodate a range of interior aesthetics.