Architectural furniture forms the framework of an Edward Ogosta-designed office in Los Angeles.

A 500-sq-m warehouse in Los Angeles offered architect Ogosta a blank canvas for the development of his intriguing concept. Designed to host the offices of a creative media agency, the large space contains a variety of typological hybrids that combine architecture and furniture.

‘The objects infuse the office with a new iconographic presence, while abstractly referring to nature and the surrounding city,’ Ogosta says. ‘Together they foster an atmosphere of creative intensity and embody the idiosyncratic spirit of the company.’

The proposal challenges the traditional office experience, as Ogosta’s hybrids are dual-purpose. A bookshelf, for example, is integrated into tiered seating to create what the architect calls a ‘book arena.’ Throughout the interior, users can tuck into private niches or utilize communal areas as desired.

The project is still in the conceptual phase and is currently on hold.

Photos courtesy Edward Ogosta.