Schouw Informatisering, a sustainability-oriented full-service IT partner for food companies, tasked interior architects i29 with creating a work environment that would promote the professional growth and physical wellbeing of its employees. But how does one go about doing so? For i29, the answer was in the question: growing plants.

Of course, this is not the first workspace to invoke the power of plants. Not only do plants express freshness, health and nature by acting as natural air filterers; here, they also directly contribute to the growth Schouw aims to put forth.

i29 married the client’s two main interests – technology and sustainable agriculture – by creating an environment that features the best of both worlds. The workspace integrates the latest in lighting and climate-control technology, while also letting nature do what it does best.

Nine walls of verdant greenery distributed throughout the office space generate oxygen and improve air quality naturally.


Location Bredaseweg 172, 4872 LA Etten-Leur, Netherlands