The annual light festival Lux Helsinki is always certain to deliver bright lights, dazzle and spectacle to the snowy streets of the Finnish capital.

The lure of light captures audiences with lighting projects from artists and studios based in Finland, as well as further afield. From light art that can elevate a building, bridge or even an entire city centre to parks filled with dancing spotlights and illuminated lanterns, numerous interactive pieces will transfix and engage visitors by the magic of light, with video projections and soundscapes creating an all-round experience.

This year's event saw the eighth such festival hosted in Helsinki, featuring a number of artistic highlights from European light festivals and several commissioned works specially created for the Finnish spectacle. Light and media artists from Belgium, Canada, Finland and France showcase their work at Lux Helsinki, running from 6 to 10 January 2016.

Photos courtesy of the Lux Helsinki.


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