Think-in-a-Tank is an event hosted and created by the Lighting Design Collective (LDC) to discuss the use of light in architecture. On 10 September during Helsinki Design Week 2015, an international panel of experts will gather in a disused silo (itself a light-art installation by LDC) to challenge and debate the current role of light – natural, artificial, digital, responsive and participatory – in architecture and the built environment.

A gathering of minds from the worlds of architecture, design and lighting in this unique setting aims to further critical thinking in the context of light in architecture and to identify creative approaches in this field. The day-long programme will be moderated by urban futures sociologist Marco Bevolo, who states, 'The evolution of the lighting design profession is a universe where new technologies evolve at an increasing speed of change, determining an extremely complex moving picture. Think-in-a-Tank offers a stimulating venue and a co-creative format to collectively envision the future, in a dialogue bound to redefine and reframe the very notion and the ultimate possibilities of light, beyond lighting.'

This annual event has been created by LDC and co-designed by Marco Bevolo. Participants this year will include: Alice Dietsch (AL_A, London), Janna Bystrykh OMA AMO, Rotterdam), Jenny B Osuldsen (Snøhetta, Oslo), Filippo Lodi (UNStudio, Amsterdam), Nacho Martín (MI5 Architects , Madrid), Paul Cocksedge (Paul Cocksedge Studio, London) and Steven Bradley (SAB Connect, United States), with Finnish experts including Tuomas Silvennoinen (PES-Architects), Antti Nousjoki (ALA), Aleksi Niemeläinen (Futudesign Ltd) and Santeri Lipasti (Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects) all from Helsinki, plus the partners of LDC: Tapio Rosenius, Jari Vuorinen and Kristian Krogh.

Tapio Rosenius from LDC comments, 'I see a future where our built environment will connect with us through light, eventually leading to what is known as cyber-physical spaces. Such spaces sense the presence, actions and attention of their humans, effortlessly offering them information that is customised to their situations.'

'They inform, soothe, entertain, relax, comfort and provide high-quality light when and where needed,' he continues. 'This, in turn, can have many significant effects – more independence for the elderly, positive health influences, inspiring and ecologically sound environments and not least: the creation of a new platform for light art.'

The Think-in-a-Tank event will take place at Silo 468 on Thurs 10 Sept as part of the official programme of Helsinki Design Week 2015. 

Photos courtesy
of Lighting Design Collective.

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