The winners of Frame Awards 2021 have already been announced, but we’re still drawing inspiration from the submitted projects. Following in the tradition of our weekly articles that spotlight the most-viewed spaces in the running for Interior of the Month, we share those that had the most hits over the whole course of Frame Awards 2021. Check out the year’s most-viewed Shows spaces below.


Dongqi Architects

Dongqi Architects conceived the 420-sq-m Estée Lauder Companies pavilion for the China International Import Expo 2019 as a crystal. The transparent cube consisted of acrylic columns, whose positions were carefully arranged using an algorithm to enable varied light refractions, resulting in a dreamy space defined by fantastical optical illusions. ‘The use of transparent and mirrored materials [was] impressively executed,’ said Daisuke Nagamoto, assistant professor at National Taiwan Normal University. ‘It creates homogenous space while [also] creating the physical boundary of space.’

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Studio WeWantMore was tapped by the makers of Smile Safari, Belgium’s first pop-up Instagram museum, to create an experiential installation. The design concept was conceived to question Instagram’s dominant aesthetic, comprising six different glass lenses that distorted reflections. The designers explain that the Brussels installation enhanced the ‘effects of filters to the point of anonymity, [focused] purely on the aesthetic of an image.’ ‘While keeping its Instagram-worthy backdrops, the space playfully takes different perspectives on the way we view ourselves,’ noted Space & Pepper cofounder Franziska Heuschkel.

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Héctor Ruiz Velázquez

Alvic International joined forces with Ruiz Velázquez Studio to develop its stand for the 2020 iteration of Spanish design event Casa Décor. Referencing kaleidoscopes and the Japanese art of cut-out paper, kirigami, the practice forged a simple, modular booth constructed from recycled wooden panels in a high-gloss finish. The geometric structures, repeated three times over, lent an immersive, infinite-seeming feeling to the trade-fair space. ‘From a visitor perspective, a trade show can be very hectic,’ commented Hana Ahriz, cofounder of Space & Pepper. ‘This frame takes the visitor to another dimension and brings a sense of intimacy.’

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VGC Design

An art exhibition space in Chengdu, the Vanke Innovation and Exhibition Center is designed to promote balance between people, nature, the humanities and technology, blurring the lines between interior and exterior. Executed by VGC Design, the green building takes advantage of natural light to the fullest, accentuated by linear, greyscale architectural forms. Prefabrication enabled the team to make the interior as modular and sustainable as possible. ‘[There’s] lots of injection of natural light into the space,’ pointed out Limelight Atelier director and principal designer Melvyn Law. ‘The material palette selection is masculine yet elegant.

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An explosion of light and colour, the Magenta Moon Campus was an interactive playground, digital classroom, digital workshop and a hybrid discussion platform commissioned by Deutsche Telekom AG in Berlin. A collaboration between Flora&Faunavisions and Meiré Und Meiré, the pop-up phygital experience invited visitors to learn about the topics of sustainability, media literacy and digitalization, with a projection-powered garden as its centrepiece. ‘I find the parts where the natural elements blend with the digital quite interesting,’ shared Golnar Roshan, creative partner at Rive Roshan.

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