The core – literally – of high-tech start up PerimeterX’s office in Tel Aviv is closed-plan. But nothing obstructs the sweeping views over the city from the 22nd floor of the high-rise it’s housed in, allowed by a generous, open perimeter wholly surrounding the partitioned grid in the middle of space.

Baranowitz & Goldberg Architects, in collaboration with Pitsou Kedem Architects, designed the office this way to accommodate the young company as it grows – PerimeterX, which specializes in preventing malicious web behaviour, also has an office in the San Francisco Bay Area. Just earlier this year, the 140-employee team secured over 38 million euros in Series C funding.

Its quick growth illustrated the need for a flexible space that’d give employees the best of both worlds – a happy medium between interaction and privacy – at the Israeli home base. So the space was divided into volumes and circulation paths, and between closed spaces and freestanding elements. Nearly all of the employees work in the open space environments. But two large conference rooms and other contained areas provide the option for one to remove oneself when needed.

The partnering architects created two types of partitions: one, from steel welded-grating and the other from corrugated polycarbonate sheets. The goal was to ’take industrial, off-the-shelf products and manipulate them into fine, well-dressed elements.’

While designed for privacy, the choice of material for the partitions still allows light to flood in, as to not make the closed areas feel claustrophobic: that was important to the architects. Fixtures designed by Orly Avron Alkabes complement the bright space. And, when one needs to take a breather from office work, all they need to do is simply walk to the perimeter, and look out toward the sea.