Germany’s Edgar Müller is one of only a few artists in the world with the title of ‘Maestro Madonnaro,’ or ‘Master of Street Art.’

He covers streets with stunning three-dimensional paintings, which become even more impressive considering when one discovers the artist was self-taught.

Müller started practicing street art inspired for an international competition in Germany. He was particularly inspired by the Italian tradition of ‘madonnari,’ or artists who faithfully reproduce traditional paintings on the street pavement.

After he was named a 'Maestro Madonnaro' in 1998, Müller further developed his practice. He is particularly interested in the play with perceptions that pavement paintings can trigger. He creates amazing illusory scenes like rocky caves, iced landscapes or volcanic abysses.

Müller works with few assistants on his extremely time-consuming projects. Once the illusionary pieces are finished, the passer-by confronts a completely new scenario with which he or she can playfully interact.

Photos courtesy Edgar Müller.