The Frame Award-winning showroom by The Stella Collective and Thomas Coward Studio invokes both hospitality and Hollywood drama in its innovative design that won over the crowd for the People’s Vote as Multi-brand Store of the Year.

The luxurious, sensuous space is far from conventional concepts of a stoneware supplier’s showroom. Imagined as an ‘immersive interior mecca to be used as a creative paradise for architects, designers and dreamers alike’, the Artedomus showroom blurs the lines between retail and takes visitors on a four-part journey into the possibilities and potential of stone.

First, in the reception area, a dramatic custom-fluted Elba marble desk welcomes clients to the light-filled atrium that celebrates the heritage building’s Art Deco design.

Second, the designers recreate an Italian streetscape to lead visitors to Casa Artedomus, an aspirational and inspirational home interior that showcases the company’s exclusive furniture and finishes. Next, Artedomus bathware are given centre stage in the showroom, which takes inspiration from Hollywood film sets to create beautiful, interchangeable displays. The designers cleverly incorporate the company’s stoneware collection into the custom screens and display plinths, maximizing the layers of product on display.

Finally, the journey concludes with the library. Replicating an architect’s or designer’s study, the library serves as a meeting place for clients and designers where the retailer’s extensive range of tiles, mosaics and architectural ceramics are archived and displayed.

According to The Stella Collective and Thomas Coward Studio, their highest priority when curating the collection and designing the showroom was to give the individual ranges ‘the attention and respect they deserved’ – in a ‘love letter to Artedomus’.