Leading Russian strategic consulting company Strelka KB is hosting an international architectural competition for the design of a new Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Centre in the Tel Aviv University campus in Israel.

The competition seeks to realize the best concept and design to house an important centre dedicated to nanoscience. The new building will serve as an architectural landmark within the prestigious university campus in Israel's financial centre. Striking a balance between aesthetic value and functionality are an important element for the design of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Centre. TAU is looking for a project which encompasses the university’s spirit while speaking to the future of design and development.

Applications are open to all design bureaus and companies in the field of architecture, design, engineering systems, and design as well as construction firms from all over the world. The competition will be held in two phases with the first consisting of a pre-selection of 21 short-listed firms based on the initial submission. Then the jury will pick six designated participants to advance and submit a competition entry complete with a commercial proposal. Of these finalized designs, a winner will be decided after a round of negotiations between the finalists and Tel Aviv University.

If you or your firm are interested in participating, be sure to hurry and register before the application deadline on 30 October 2015! More details and guidelines can be found on the competition website here.

Competition Award: 50,000 USD will be awarded to each of the six participants selected for the concept design development.
Registration Fee: Free
Application Deadline: 30/10/2015 18:00 (+3 GMT)
Competition office: Strelka KB  

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