Keeping the dialogue between conservation and innovation fresh, many Canadian institutions come together to host the annual International Garden Festival. From a pool of almost 300 submissions, a jury – composed of government officials, professionals and past winners – selects six winning landscape-design concepts. During this summer, these cutting-edge interventions will adorn the dramatic Reford Gardens – set along Quebec’s St. Lawrence river.

Hailing from the United States, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea and Canada – six finalist have devised a wide variety of schemes that address contemporary issues. Afterburn by Brooklyn-based architecture firm Civilian Projects is a post-apocalyptic experience, revealing how damaged nature can regenerate itself. Both Cone Garden by Seoul-based Livescapes and Line Garden by Basel-based Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster employ synthetic agents – orange traffic cones and security tape respectively – to change our perception of constructed and de-constructed nature.

Méristème by Montreal-based design firm Châssi represents plant cell systems on a macro scale while Santiago de Compostel-based Citylaboratory’s Rotunda accumulates pollen – attracting new life into the garden. Last but not least, Orange Secret by Nomad Studio – New York-based agriculture engineers and landscape architects – plays with sensorial experience. An orange enclosure tests the resolve of passers-by.   

International Garden Festival is on view from 31 May to 28 September at                   Reford Garden – 200 Route 132, Grand-Métis, Quebec, Canada

Images courtesy of Reford Gardens