Is street art one of the most urban and contemporary forms of artistic expression? Maybe. But as the work of Chilean INTI bears witness, its impact becomes even stronger when it embraces traditional elements in a syncretic way.

In various locations worldwide, INTI's large colourful murals display characters inspired by Latino-American carnival traditions. Clowns dressed in multi-coloured and patterned clothes loom on the walls, evoking all the potency of their culture. 

With his imagery, INTI reflects issues affecting his country like widespread poverty. Costumes worn by the clown-like figures were made of recycled fabrics, due to the scarcity of resources.

Notwithstanding, his murals also ooze a proud and positive spirit. INTI says his murals and paintings celebrate 'syncretism, ideals, resistance, joy, colour, carnival, religion and 'pebre' [a typical Chilean condiment] bread!'

Photos courtesy INTI.