Painting has been undergoing a renaissance lately, and younger artists are beginning to re-embrace a medium that was previously lost to the hype surrounding alternative modes of artistic representation. Jon Pilkington is one to watch amongst the surge of painting revivalists. Exploring the role of the motif and the relationship it shares with drawing, Pilkington uses seductive explorations of colour that are informed by clarity and confidence. His paintings focus on the reduction of visual references by tapping on elements of primitivism in a bold, honest and playful way.

Pilkington describes his work as follows: “Fundamentally, my work revolves around relationships, be they within the formal language of paint, colour or scale. I play with the surfaces, tactility of paint and the expectations that paintings allude to historically. In doing so, I aim to invigorate an image. What I want to do is to exude an awareness of trends and facades in painting, concisely questioning the role of image making.”

Images courtesy of the artist.