At Ventura Lambrate in Milan, exhibited against a raw backdrop, are the bright and tactile objects by Polish-born but Copenhagen-based Martyna Barbara Golik that caught our eyes. Maybe it was her internship at Arabeschi di Latte that inspired the young textile designer to examine the boundaries between food and design. Or were the seeds planted earlier?

What was your first project?   
It was when I was discovering dyeing techniques and flexibility of textiles – I made a pouf with a three-dimensional structure on it. I was amazed how many possibilities textiles have.

Where does your inspiration come from?
There are different sources of inspiration. I read a lot of books on various topics and listen to lectures of interesting people. I like to listen to people’s stories. However, the most of my inspirations come from travelling and changing places.

What’s your design process?   
I see my design process as making a sculpture: a constant process of removing and adding. I spend quite a lot of time on researching. It is one of my favourite steps in the design process. It mostly means reading books, talking with people, then sketching the first ideas and collecting images and samples of materials. When my concept is build, I am trying to choose materials that could correspond to it. Another important step is experimenting with techniques and materials and at the same time making small models. My work is very analogue, I prefer to work by hand.

Touch That Taste: what is it about?   
It is a project in which I was trying to combine two of my interests: textiles and food. It is about turning experiencing food into something tangible. The goal was to translate taste and smell into touch and vision. So you could say translating food into textiles.

I categorized food by five main tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, umami and sour and decided to make a collection of related to them five textile objects. Touch That Taste is about experimenting on different levels in order to get a value that can tell a story about how an abstract idea can be turned into a tangible collection of interior objects.

What are you planning to work on next?   
Now my plan is to focus on applying my ideas for more commercial design and working closely with the textile industry. I want to continue working as a freelancer but also develop my own designs.

City of Residence Copenhagen, Denmark
Age 25
Education Bachelor Degree in Textile Art from Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland and Master Degree in Textile Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design in Copenhagen, Denmark
Collaborations For Touch That Taste I collaborated with photographer Andreas Omvik and cook Karlos Ponte
Motto Never judge anything before you leave it in your head long enough to become something valuable
Favourite quote ‘Design 
is not about a project, it is about perception of the reality’ - Martí Guixé
Best advice received ‘Try not to be an expert’, given to me by Faye Toogood
Three things every designer needs Curiosity, passion, courage
Newest addition to your studio New printer and scanner for my hand drawings and a big writing board on the wall to help me stay structured
First design that inspired you Designs by Alexander Girard. Their playfulness, colours and shapes