A dropout from the Art Center College of Design, Tyler Spangler ran an illegal punk venue for thirteen shows until it was found out and shut down by the police. It is this defiant cheekiness that manifests itself in the prismatic, gaily anarchic colours of his work. Although he started out with physical collages, he soon discovered that it was most cost-friendly and space-effective to work digitally, so he switched mediums. His undergraduate degree in Psychology has also influenced his work in very visible ways, notably through the organic, even slightly nihilistic expression of colour in his collages.

Spangler has stated that he is interested in “the formalist relationship between images removed from their original context, and exploring the connotations of colour, form and photography.” Over the last two years, Tyler has designed over five large books filled with his own designs, and continues to freelance for the music, surf and textile industries. 

Images courtesy of the artist.