Iceland may well be encountering another volcanic eruption but it is still a dream destination to visit, right? And how about LA, Miami, Antwerp, Frankfurt, Bangkok, Seoul, Penang and Melbourne? These are just some of the locations we whisk you to today in this article. If you wish to see behind the doors of these venues, you can do so in Night Fever 4, our latest book featuring places to drink, drink or dream.


Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel by Minarc
Offering a holistic experience, this hotel in Selfoss appeals to the upscale adventurer seeking a more personal, intimate and eco-responsive expression of luxury amidst breathtaking Icelandic scenery (photo: Art Gray).

Ace Hotel by Atelier Ace and Commune Design
In an under-loved, under-used part of downtown Los Angeles, the Ace Hotel opened its doors earlier this year with a keyed-up reconsideration of the historic United Artists building and theatre (photo: Spencer Lowell).

Macalister Mansion by Ministry of Design
Designed and branded as a lifestyle-oriented ‘residence’, this 100-year-old mansion in Penang was transformed into a unique boutique hotel (photo: Edward Hendricks).

Laube Liebe Hoffnung by acre and Franken Architekten
At the heart of Frankfurt’s new Europaviertel district, this restaurant and its adjoining 14-m-high viewing tower make an ideal location for admiring views of the surrounding park (photo: Eibe Sönnecken).

The Jane by Piet Boon
This restaurant is in a chapel of a former military hospital in Antwerp, which serves as an authentic host for the ultimate ‘divine’ fine-dining experience (photo: Richard Powers).

Kafe Nordic by Nordic Bros Design Community
The bright-yellow exterior evokes a typical Swedish house, making a clear Nordic statement right in the heart of the Itaewon district of Seoul (photo: Yong-hwan Shin).

Caro Hotel by Francesc Rife Studio
This is a historical-monument hotel in Valencia, located in what once was the Palace of the Marquis of Caro. Ancient artefacts were uncovered in the renovation, which now await guests at every turn (photo: Fernando Alda).

Blanc Kara by DFC
Occupying one of Miami’s famous art deco buildings, on a street fringed with palm trees and a stone's throw from the beach, this hotel has a predominately white decor with pops of colour in the furnishings (photo: Drew Hadley).

Sala Rattanakosin by Onion
With views of some of central Bangkok’s most prized landmarks, this luxurious hotel is located in a market neighbourhood in what used to be seven ‘shop houses’ (photo: Wison Tungthunya).

Prahran Hotel by Techne Architects
For this two-storey corner pub in Melbourne with its striking streamlined art deco facade, the contrast between old and new sections is stark yet harmonious (photo: Peter Clarke).


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