SHANGHAI – Floating within formation, hundreds of glasses are set upon ledges and reflected into oblivion at Bolon's flagship.

Already seen as a top lifestyle brand in China, Bolon opts for a theatrical interpretation of its iconic sunglasses for its flagship in Shanghai. With French actress Sophie Marceau as the muse of its campaign, the brand interprets the sophistication into a spatial experience. Polished surfaces – a gold-plated ceiling, blackened walls and white marble floors – envelop a matrix of Bolon's eyewear.

A black marble service desk and leather-coated walls form an inviting space with its tactile touches. With its warm, golden hue, the store's overhead canopy of reflective metal serves to extend the height of the interior, emphasising a bespoke display which extends from the store's walls.

Affixed in an open grid arrangement, small shelves set at 90 degree angles to one another become a series of individual platforms to accommodate each optical frame. Planes of back-illumination combined with selectively oriented LED spots complete the glowing product presentation.

The signature spectacles set upon an staggered stages become an ideal scheme for Bolon's flagship, offering the possibility to translate into smaller shops for a spatial identity.

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Photos Shuhe Architectual Photography

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