Japanese artist Satoshi Hirose has spent the past nine years collecting plastic caps, which he has painstakingly materialized in the installation Island of Life.

Placed atop of a large white wooden base, the recyclable caps were formed into a pyramidal tower, on display now in the Winter Garden exhibition in Rome. Next to the everyday materials, Hirose also created a niche in the wood base, where a small amount of golden beans sit.

Occupying an entire gallery room, the installation is displayed in a way that allows the visitor to walk around it and to look at it from every perspective. On surrounding walls, pictures of everyday activities are displayed.

‘The day-to-day accumulation is contrasted with the chance fragment of the instant, and that with respect to the “manifold” nature of the expressive process of Satoshi Hirose’s art,’ says Flavia Montecchi, the exhibition curator.

The Winter Garden exhibition can be visisted at Galleria Maria Grazia Del Prete in Rome, Italy, until 24 March.

Galleria Maria Grazia Del Prete
Via Di Monserrato 21
00186 Roma