What if you could have a home office space that didn’t need to be covered up by one of Zoom’s virtual backgrounds? Whether or not you already utilized an at-home workspace, the time has never been more crucial for a proper setup within the comfort of your own four walls. Sure, a dining table can easily double as a desk and most people have surely lugged their office desktops, laptops and other equipment to the domestic domain by now, but there’s one integral thing many still need to cross off on their checklists: a truly ergonomic chair.

Sidiz, South Korea's leading seating brand, has an answer for that need: its T50 chair, to be precise. Reviewers on Amazon have celebrated everything from its ease of assembly to its elastic memory foam seat to its optimal support and functionalities. Those amenities have spoken for themselves: in 2018, the bestseller was ordered every 1.3 minutes and, stacked up, each of the units sold since the award-winning model’s release would be 200 times the height of Mt. Everest.

Modelled to adhere a user’s back, the S-curved design of the T50 was conceptualized to relieve strain on the neck and waist during long periods of sitting. Options for adjustment and customization are aplenty: the ventilating mesh backrest can be adjusted to five different angles, allowing comfortable personalization for each user. The slide and slope of the seat also work as ergonomic touch points that are adaptable to different body shapes.

Last year, Forbes reported that the average office worker in the US sits for 15 hours a day – and even longer if you factor in a commute. Now, when unregulated mobility seems like a far-off memory – you can only stretch your legs so much from bed to kitchen to desk – it’s imperative to fit home workspaces with products that not only maintain, but promote wellbeing.