The practice's renovation of two poorly lit spaces has given Spacial a desirable place to make its name as a co-working brand in the Quebec city.

Key features

Spacial is a new co-working space in Montreal's Verdun neighbourhood comprising private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks and shared areas for 120 users. Ivy Studio unified two interiors – formerly a gym and beauty salon on a building’s second storey – to create the brand’s first location. To counter the space’s deficiency of natural light, glass brick openings were incorporated in the staircase wall and a multitude of luminaires installed, in addition to 20 skylights. The designers chose to elaborate upon the design language of existing architectural features by creating an interplay between exposed elements and materials and finishes with a contemporary aesthetic. Colourful zinc cladding, mint green cabinetry, Rosso Levanto marble, blue mirrors and burgundy velvet are palette highlights that shine against a backdrop of black and white surfaces and furniture.

Frame’s take

There’s an array of interesting materials at play in the Spacial office, which are implemented in such a way that adds visual interest to the interior without being distracting to those working there, the way that an ample use of colour or texture sometimes can. Ivy Studio’s unique selection works very well in juxtaposition with the space’s original features. It was right to place so much emphasis on lighting in the project: who wants to (or can) work in a dim setting? Fortunately for users, their smart solutions work in conjunction with the consistent use of black and white to give the setting more depth and brightness.