ja! studio’s latest window display for Loreak Mendian, Karramarro – Basque for ‘crab fish’ – shows the brand’s SS 2015 women’s footwear collection amidst a minimalist composition of geometric volumes.

‘My inspirational references don’t usually come from typical window dressing sources; rather, they are inspired by the contemporary art world,’ says Ion Ander Beloki, founder of ja! studio. The London-based Spanish designer’s inspiration is fuelled by the connection between The Basque Country’s artists and its language, culture and landscape. ‘I find London to be a vibrant and buzzing city. Living and working in diverse places gives the opportunity to enrich my creativity and keep my finger on the pulse.’

For his latest collaboration with fashion brand Loreak Mendian at their Barcelona shop, Beloki shows the women’s SS 2015 collection within a composition evoking the sea side with colour, form and light. Superfluous decorations are avoided in favour of a geometric, minimalist environment all framed with two exterior concrete columns. Just a few untreated wooden and polystyrene elements are isolated in the scene and made precious resting on a horizontal base. ‘I’m keen on experimenting and creating compositions with materials and objects from everyday life,’ says Beloki, ‘The items are placed in a non-traditional, playful style which gives off a unique sense of movement and energy.’

‘I thrive on creating images that stop people in their tracks, make them look, amuse, intrigue and draw them in.’ A palette of neutral, bright and earthy colours combined with a clear lighting scheme conjures a summery atmosphere and the sea. ‘The essence lies in creating a dialogue between the shop and the customer, maintaining high standards and sustaining curiosity month after month. Above all, a window display should surprise passers-by and entice them in.’

Photos Juan Avila