Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon – known for his finely-crafted intricate objects and installations which straddle the fence between art and the design, and now the Face Mirror – uniquely created for Design Museum Holon’s fifth anniversary reflects today’s focus on creativity being influenced by functionality. Hayon describes this art piece to be both a mask and a mirror 'People can both cover behind the mask, whilst at the same time reflect themselves with it. The playfulness of it becomes interesting and a source of curiosity' reveals the artist. Hayon’s mirror debuts in the museum’s presentation of the travelling Funtastico Exhibition, an insight into the designer’s surreal and eclectic world of product, furniture and interior design pieces from the past 10 years.

The one-of-a-kind mirror has been carefully crafted from premium quartz surfaces and structured in the form of a giant primitive mask demonstrating the character, strength and heaviness of the Caesarstone tile marquetry it’s sculpted from. ‘Every culture, folklore and civilization has masks, which makes me wonder: what would happen if you found a mask 2000 years from now? People have interpreted masks in different ways throughout history. This piece incorporates my own aesthetic for it,’ explains Hayon.

‘The fact that the third partner in this creative triangle is a cutting edge and innovating Israeli company, Caesarstone, makes this project even more exciting’ shares Chief Curator Galit Gaon, who received Hayon’s future-age mask as a donation to the museum from the solid-surface manufacturer. The exhibition also includes the Green Chicken – a bright green rocking horse in the shape of a hen and The Tournament – a larger than life chess set hand made and painted by the artist himself.