Japan may be a great country. But it hasn’t got much to do with Rop van Mierlo’s work. Indeed it has nothing to do with it.  However the ambiguity, the charm and the way the truth slowly reveals itself has everything to do with the vivid visual worlds Rop creates. Who is Rop? Perhaps the most succinct description of him to be found in his first book, Wild Animals. “Rop,” the poem begins, “is a man.” A man who makes very beautiful images. These beautiful images are  watercolours he makes by painstakingly dripping the paint onto paper to create wonderful patterns that somehow unite to form animals.

The best way to appreciate these signature forms is in a series, as it’s in the details that Rop’s true skill and dedication to his art emerges, as a splash of colour a centimetre to the left, as a change of direction or a splash of colour changes the complexion of a piece completely. A crocodile turns fierce to friendly, leopards change their spots, and a panda sleeps, or well, sleeps some more, all thanks to a dash of Rop’s brush. 

We are therefore delighted to announce that Rop has designed an exclusive bag for the Frame store. The bag, featuring a series of five pandas, has been made in collaboration with his close friend Kim van de Veerdonk, a Dutch fashion designer, and will only ever be available at the Frame store in an edition of 50.

The Frame store will also host an exhibition of original artworks by Rop that he created while working on his new book, Some Logic.  Some Logic, a card set and limited edition prints of Rop’s work will also be available at the Frame store.

When: Friday, 20 June from 17-19h.
Location: Frame Store & Felix Meritis: Frame&Foam
1st floor, Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam.
Free Entrance