Jerry House is a holiday home that is a true escape from the rigours of daily life in the big city. Designed by the Bangkok-based creative studio Onion, the property is more akin to an adventure playground than your run-of-the-mill seaside residence, ensuring it is literally fun for all the family.

Arisara Chaktranon and Siriyot Chaiamnuay (the design duo at Onion) were faced with a brief that specifically asked for a concept that did not behave like a typical house. The client wanted to steer away from minimal circulation. What has resulted is a magical space where running, climbing, hiding, hanging – maybe even falling, and definitely a bit of ‘hanging around in mid-air’ – are now some of the fun activities which the family (mum, dad and four sons), as well as a lot of their friends, can be seen partaking in.

For the interior design, Onion was inspired by the Tom and Jerry carton series, imagining the cat chasing the mouse down corridors and through windows. Comments the designers, ‘It might appear like a big piece of cheese in which the Möbius strip would be a desirable route for Jerry the mouse to run away from Tom the cat. The Jerry House is thought of as the object that children would yearn for and that increases the meaning of having a holiday for the parents.’

Central to Onion’s concern was the linkage of passageways, with an extra set of vertical circulations in the central hallway added to the existing staircases and ramps. This space is now called the ‘main living hall’ where customised nets build five layers of horizontal planes of different dimensions. They act almost like an extension of floors within this three-storey space. Children and adults can climb up the metal ladders from the ground floor to one of the son’s bedrooms on the third floor. Jumping out of bed and falling down through strategically place 'holes' in the nets is a safe route because the players are protected by the lower layers of nets.

Curved lines abound throughout, whether in the entrances to the different levels (that sometimes need to be crawled through to gain access), windows or the arched doorways that are reminiscent of mouse holes. With an expanse of white washing over the interior, there are also vibrant pops of colour to intensify the visual experiences in the bedrooms and sunken spaces. There are also tunnels creating intriguing routes around the house, whether standing (for children) or crawling on hands and knees (for adults). Fun for all ages just waiting to be explored!

Photos Wison Tungthunya.