Jewellery from 10 designers was simultaneously displayed on one steel stand, modeled after an obstructed city.

Designer Zbynek Krulich of Wearecreative made the display for Prague’s DesignBlok festival earlier this month.

‘My inspiration came from obstructing part of the city,’ Krulich says. ‘[Metaphorically,] there was ground in the middle with buildings extending upwards and the technical aspects of the city, like pipes and sewers, going down.’

The display was made of steel planks and sticks, though as guests approached closer they saw the graphic jewellery. According to Krulich, the biggest challenge was incorporate the jewellery into the design.

‘It needed display works from 10 different jewellery designers, but I didn’t know what they would want to show and how many pieces,’ he recalls.

The project was created for the Czech association of jewellery designers, UNOSTO.