'Balance from a line' is the overarching theme of Jinsik Kim’s solo exhibition at the Sophis Gallery in the infamous Gangnam district. The South Korean artist's functional sculptures made from marble and reflective metal explore the design possibilities afforded by raw materials, and how simple shapes can enhance the latter.

Kim’s HalfHalf series for instance functions as both a mirror and an installation. The artist exploits the properties of glass and stone, a combination which produces various patterns through optical illusions.

One Point, a reinvented mini-golf course, gains its balance from a marble base, which makes the installation look like it’s floating in midair. Through such strategic use of natural materials, Kim shows how the latter can be easily used to create seemingly complex designs that are both functional and visually pleasing with minimal waste.



Location 218 Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea