Patrick Martinez of Blank Bubble recently put JIX – a spatial construction toy – up for sale.

The construction kit is designed to work with standard drinking straws and JIX connectors.

As a visual artist and product designer, Martinez investigates ‘the relationship between the object and its context of production and of presentation in order to challenge perception’.

JIX allows for endless construction possibilities. ‘You can make highly organised geometric structures, or free-form tangles’ Martinez says. Also, ‘JIX is portable, affordable and ultra-lightweight, so that even if your mammoth construction falls, no one gets hurt’.

The expandable nature of JIXʼs physical structure allows users to engage in ambitious construction projects that can fill up entire spaces or fabricate outdoor installations. The system can be structurally sound enough to work as an office desk.

Playing with JIX allows children and injured adults to develop motor and spatial skills. Martinez believes the system could be a valuable resource for teachers and physiotherapists.

Blank Bubble is marked by a particular interest in dematerialisation and meditative objects that offer sensory experiences and reflect Martinezʼ concern for the notions of displacement, shift of perspective, economy, process, adaptation and resistance.

Photos courtesy of Etienne Frossard, Thomas Gerhardt, Kendall Glover, Patrick Martinez, Caroline Rys, Laurent Vacher and The Children’s Museum of the Arts