Frame's newest release is a book by Jo Nagasaka – identified as one of the twenty creatives 'defining tomorrow' in the anniversary issue of Frame #116 – offering insight into his creative design process and detailing the story of Schemata Architects. Order your copy now at!

Through personal essays and a chronological timeline of the inspiring projects realised by his Japanese studio over recent years, this inspirational volume is about storytelling: within its pages, readers will discover the words of the designer himself.

Through investigations to seek modern solutions and pioneering re-purposing techniques, Jo Nagasaka manages to transform interiors and breathe life back into objects. His process is to often opt to 'design by subtraction', expressed by reduction and simplification.

As explained in one of the essays in the book: 'Blurring the boundary between fiction and reality gives us an opportunity to re-acknowledge the existing use of the interior and study the space allocation.' In-depth features of the various projects – ranging from exhibitions and furniture to retail and residential – allow the various design processes to be revealed, which often entails stripping down and pairing back.

This book is not only a monograph, it is a personal journey through the story of Schemata in the words of its founder, as symbolised in the design. The front and back covers, debossed with quote marks, set the scene for the story within; essays outlining design developments and projects detailing the process of putting the concepts into practice.